Shiver Society is an ancient, underground society of monsters and the people who keep their secrets. Now with a not-so-secret online store! Hey, we gotta' keep the torches lit somehow. 

Shiver Society is also a creator-owned business inspired by a lifetime of consuming horror and humor. Equal parts MAD magazine, Wacky Packages, and Zucker Bros. movies, mixed with a healthy portion of John Carpenter movies, Alice Cooper albums, and Elvira's... pumpkins. Or, as mom always said, "you're going to warp your brain with that stuff!" Damn, if she wasn't right.

We're guessing you're a little warped, too. That's why our goal is to deliver "Horror and humor for people like us," through story, imagery, and our questionable products. 

We hope you'll join us as we explore ancient myths, urban legends, and unexplained mysteries through the twisted lens of parody and one-liners. Clearly a defense mechanism when we're faced with frights. Beats peeing the bed. 

-Spencer Kingsley

Gentleman of Some Esteem,

Shiver Society




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